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Age of Conan Strategy Guide
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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures eist ein Neubeginn im Genre der Online-Rollenspiele. Wenn Sie zu Ruhm und Ehre gelangen wollen, brauchen Sie diesen Guide! Das Buch ist vollgepackt mit Informationen, die Ihnen das virtuelle Leben in Robert E. Howards fantastischer Conan-Welt erleichtern!

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Age of Conan - The Strategy Boardgame (engl.)
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It is an age of strife and sorcery. An age of might, splendor, and decadence. Powerful Aquilonia, sorcerous Stygia, ancient Hyperborea, majestic Turan fight each other for supremacy, striving to expand their borders and increase their riches. Into this age of heroism and misdeeds, steps Conan the Cimmerian blackhaired, sulleneyed, sword in hand, to tread the jeweled thrones under his sandaled feetAge of Conan The Strategy Boardgame allows players to control the four major kingdoms of Hyboria, commanding armies, wielding dark sorcery, and weaving cunning intrigue. Yet, only one kingdom will harness the alliance of the mightiest hero of all With 170 figures, hundreds of cards, a huge board of the Hyborian Lands, Age of Conan is a grand depiction of the clash of powerful empires during the lifetime of the greatest barbarian in fantasy literature.

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